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About Daniel Tan

About Daniel Tan

Daniel Tan is one of the most influential SEO gurus  doing Search engine optimization for numerous trades and businesses, including SEO in the fields of sporting equipments, health, loans & cash advance,  weight loss, credit cards, Acai berry products.

Also he is involved in SEO development of Medical professionals, tutors, language centers, lawyers, solicitors, photographers, website designers, and even carpet cleaners, movers and painters. During last two years among his clients there is increasing number of also of SEO providers who seek for the tools which would ease their daily routine.

Daniel Tan

Daniel Tan

Daniel Tan is the creator of Backlink Syndication System, the famous Google Domination ebook and Rank Mover, which have gained immediate recognition from all experts working in the field.

Working as a founder of SEO company, Daniel Tan seeks to meet the needs of everyone, who have niche blogs, do outsourcing, flip websites, act as SEO consultants,  or just want to monetize their blogs and increase their Google rankings. His new product SEOPressor takes care of automatic keyword optimization,

„using the proper titles, using tags for your images, using the right formatting for your titles, including your logo and graphics in the right format, placing your advertisements in the right position and density and so on.

Follow this link to discover how to get Rank Mover system with SEOPressor.

Daniel Tan’ s SEO Business Box – a complete SEO training course

SEO Business Box training course by Daniel Tan

SEO Business Box - complete SEO training course by Daniel Tan

SEO Business Box is another excellent SEO product created by Daniel Tan. While SEOPressor plugin lets you automatize the page organization, this actually gives you thorough insight in how to build your pages according to algorithms used by search engines. In this course Daniel Tan explains how to apply and use all those elements top search engines take into account when ranking a page. So, if you want to attract more traffic to your site, you just must rank highly, but to achieve it you must execute well planned SEO campaign which includes strategic content publishing, press releases, guest blogging, bookmarking, twitter, facebook etc.

The training course is well organized and step by step guide about branding, and website promotion strategies which will let you sites rank on the top of search engines. For example this starts with making sure your on-site content is unique and of high enough quality including images and other rich media, so that visiting users stay on your site and do not bounce back to search engines. This training contains complete step by step formula to properly promote your brand and website including ways to create social media buzz, best approach to press releases and other ways to build links to your web site.

FB X-Tab – Bring Your Offer In Front of 600 Million People

FB X-Tab system by Daniel Tan

FB X-Tab Facebook Page Lead Generation System by Daniel Tan

This Daniel Tan’ s product – FB X-Tab – will be extremely useful to you if you use Facebook to promote your sites and products. In this training course Daniel Tan provides step by step instructions and examples of how to build promotional pages in Facebook. It also includes number of ready to use Facebook viral applications, Wordpress plugin for Facebook pages, and html page templates. With this product Daniel Tan and his partner Phil Benham provide a system which lets you show different content to those, who “like” your page and those, who do not. It gives thorough instructions on how to add e-mail contact forms,  add HTML5 videos and how to change themes and background colors, insert URL’s, sales and  landing pages and calls to action. FB X-Tab uses very latest Facebook iFrames technology, and latest security protocols such as OAuth 2.0.

Static HTML templates from this new system are fully compatible with Facebook Mobile, you can use it on iPhones, iPads, Blackberry and Androids.

Grab Daniel Tan’ s products FBXtab, SEO Business Box, and Seopressor today to skyrocket number of clients visiting your web properties.

Seopressor Plugin – Perfect Tool For Blog Optimization

Seopressor Plugin – Perfect Tool For Blog Optimization

There are number of highly successful  business blogs which have chosen to use seopressor plugin to optimize them.  Seopressor plugin is developed by Daniel Tan - leading SEO expert. As you undoubtedly have  read over and over again, maintaining a well thought-out blog can be a great business move. It helps you stay in touch with your customer base. Businesses that have never traditionally seen themselves as having anything to do with content development, today, routinely do find that they need a talent for this kind of thing.
A blog that ends up badly isn’t merely going to cost a business the goodwill that it would have had a chance to earn doing a good job; it is going to actually destroy whatever goodwill it already has. Let’s do a simple blog analysis and see how all of this actually happens.

Blog analysis on how a business may actually do it right

There’s a small music equipment retailer. Like other music equipment retailers, this one makes a point of hiring from among local musicians so that its salespeople can actually understand what their musician customers really want. They began to do this so well that they gained quite a reputation for being the people to head to for any kind of musical problem. They recognized how good their salespeople were at being friendly and knowledgeable experts in the music business that they thought that they could take this further with a properly thought-out blog. The blog was an instant hit; it was written by the store’s own salespeople who had a great deal of music experience. The store’s salespeople-cum-bloggers were well-compensated for their contribution to the blog and the whole effort just helped build on the company’s reputation as a great place for musicians. This then is what a blog is supposed to do. It is supposed to take something that the business does well and it’s supposed to turn it into a well-recognized thing.

See Seopressor Plugin Review in this video

Just imagine how the above store would have done if it had made the following common mistakes found in many business blogs. Let’s start with the kind of language that a blog actually use. Poor language skills are easy to find all over the Internet. If a business chooses to blog for everything the activity can do to burnish its reputation, using poor writing is exactly the wrong way to achieve that. Content may be king; but the king had better follow the rules. Getting ahead on the Internet doesn’t have to be as hard as hiring an SEO company and spending big bucks.
It can be as simple as just picking someone with a love for language to place in charge of the blog.
Businesses tend to forget that a blog is not a website. It is supposed to be about dialogue between the business and the client base. A business blog has to try to find ways to make posts that will inspire its readers to respond and participate in a debate. A business blog is also not supposed to be about finding a way to sneak in an advertisement for free all the time. Readers are quickly going to sense when a blog is just an extended advertising campaign. A business blog analysis should show a great deal of restraint by the business and using it’s the voice for self-promotion.

And finally, too many business blogs end up looking like some GeoCities page from 1997. You need to consider adding video interviews, video tutorials, social media sharing and using blog analysis tools like Google Analytics that will show what posts do the best. Making full use of all the technology at your disposal is really important.

Find out how Seopressor plugin optimizes many small business blogs. Click here to  grab SEOPressor plugin with special bonus.