Hi, I’m Daniel Tan and I have Created SEOPressor For You!

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to land on the #1 position of search engines?

Have you got a problem: you want your website to rise up in search engine rankings, increase your traffic and sales, but either find it too time consuming or too complicated?

I have a couple of solutions for you.

Solution #1: You must have correct page organization

To achieve it, you need to:

  • evaluate keyword density and organize their placement in the page to increase search engine optimization
  • apply special formatting to your keywords
  • add keywords to h1, h2, and h3 tags
  • use special format for images and links
  • examine the on-page factors according to algorithm used by search engines

How to manage it:

You can do it manually – it works excellent, but takes a lot of time, you have to memorize all the necessary features and constantly check yourself. It is rather difficult to grasp the necessary system of keyword organization, and it takes years to discover the secret algorithm used by Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

You can use Wordpress plugin SEOPressor to do all the heavy lifting for you. SEOPressor is an automated SEO tool, which not only provides immediate analysis and improvements of your one-page SEO factors, and suggests the necessary changes, but even allows you to control the quality of outsourced content, thus saving your money, time and effort.

Imagine – you may just relax, while SEOPressor works for you!

WordPress plugin SEOPressor is a completely automated program which:

  • calculates keyword density,
  • provides analysis of the SEO factors detecting the problematic areas and suggests the necessary corrections to improve the ratings and increase the revenue of the sites,
  • formats keywords and their placement to increase search engine optimization,
  • analyzes Title and h1, h2, and h3 tags,
  • examines the on-page factors according to secret algorithm used by search engines and suggests the necessary changes to improve the ranking of the page,
  • analyzes images and links, suggesting necessary improvements,
  • calculates SEOPressor specific SEO score for WordPress posts and pages
  • allows you and your Virtual Assistant automatically check the SEO score of each post before it is published,
  • provides optimization guidelines, describing each step precisely and in order. This will both ensure that you work with the best virtual assistants, and will let you boost your Google rankings and thus make your posts more profitable…

It is as as simple as this: You just write your main keyword in the specified field and this Wordpress SEO plugin SEOPressor automatically:

  • checks whether you have the keyword in your titles and adds those if necessary,
  • checks all your on-page factors, automatically formatting your keywords in italic, bold or underlining,
  • adds the keywords to your images,
  • gives guidelines for further improvements.

SEOPressor provided  automatized optimization of the keywords, images and titles will let you gain more traffic and your Google rankings go up.

The most important feature of the SEOPressor

The SEOPressor includes a secret algorithm which correlates with the one used by Google. This WordPress plugin will allow to indicate the exact problems of your sites and correct those so, that the rankings will go up immediately. I believe that the SEOPressor I have made is going to become a mandatory plug-in into WordPress. Many customers  have already reported immediate search engine rankings improvements when using SEOPressor. I do not doubt, by correct page organization you may also overcome the sea of competitors.

SEOPressor's SEO score closely matches Google analytics!

If your SEO score is low, SEOPressor automatically provides instructions which let you improve your score and Google rankings.

But…     You may encounter the following problem: your page is OK, but it still cannot reach the top position.

Or: your page is excellent, it reaches the top position, but then loses it again.

What you need to climb up or maintain your position, are  well mastered and organized backlinks.

And this is my

Solution #2: Rank Mover

Those, who have ever consulted me or bought my products, already know – I offer only products, which I have completely elaborated and tested those on my own sites, and the ones of my clients. The system which I have created – Rank Mover, is the only solution which has been able to move up the websites, which are stubbornly  “stuck” and do not respond to any other SEO strategies using just SEOPressor. If compared to SEOPresor, which is highly automated, this system requires your own involvement more, though you can outsource most of the operations. But I have not seen a system which could do the job better – pushing your page over its bottleneck!

Even though using SEOPressor on-page SEO optimization it gives 10 times more value to links pointing to your website, you also need sound back-linking strategy to rank highly for more competitive keywords. Daniel Tan’s Rank Mover guides you step by step to make your website rank highly on search engines increasing the  profitability of the site.

SEOPressor together with Rank Mover: a perfect combination for Google domination

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The best about Daniel Tan’s WordPress plugin SEOPressor

“Daniel, I’ve got to tell you how impressed I am with this system. This tool as well as a couple others I’m using to automate a lot of SEO were instrumental in my landing a $20,000 SEO account a couple weeks ago. The client said he’s talked to several SEO companies and none of them offered anything that came close to comparing with my strategies and suite of SEO automation products! Keep the great stuff coming!!!” ~Paul Flood, Paul Flood Marketing.

“What I like most about Daniel Tan’s SEOPressor, is that it not only indicates the problems of my websites, but also provides suggestions of how these must be solved to increase my Google rankings. I tested it, and it works!” ~ Kaspars Leinis

Here’s how you receive your bonus item: Rank Mover

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